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Become Part of the Solution!

Make a difference in combating auto-theft and become a Dealer Installer or Dealer Reseller. We seek Dealers in New/Used Vehicle Dealerships, Diesel Performance Shops, Aftermarket Dealers, Auto Body shops, Motorsports Dealers and Upfitters Shops. Not only will you generate revenue by marketing, selling and installing the auto theft protection devices throughout the State of Missouri and Kansas, Ravelco Midwest will also send customers and installation your way. Become a Dealer today!

Want to have your own Designated Service Territory (DST)?   We are also seeking dedicated Regional Distributors to support geographical areas within major Cities with Kansas and Missouri.  YOU decide on how you want to operate by growing your operation through marketing, direct sales and vehicle installations and/or acquire your own Dealer Installers Shops and Dealer Resellers within your DST as well as supporting Ravelco Midwest online orders.  You maintain inventory to support your Shops or just have Ravelco Midwest provide fulfillment services.   


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The Issue

Regardless of economic conditions, auto theft remains one of the most prevalent crimes in our area, with no real means of stopping it until now.  According to NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), Missouri and Kansas major metropolitan cities are among the top 40 cities for auto theft in the entire nation.   Car/truck dealerships, both new and used, are not immune to auto-theft as well as organized auto-theft rings target dealerships to acquire specific vehicles on their target list.   Insider Theft is also a growing problem as employees of dealerships or employees of monitoring services have been known to work with auto thieves.   


  NICB 2021: Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles Nationally are: 

  1.  Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)

  2. Ford Pick-up (Full Size)

  3. Honda Civic

  4. Honda Accord

  5. Toyota Camry

  6. GMC Pick-up (Full Size)

  7. Nissan Altima

  8. Honda CR-V

  9. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

  10. Toyota Corolla


Ravelco Midwest is pleased to announce its one-year anniversary as the exclusive auto-theft protection distributor for the entire State of Kansas and Missouri. We market, sell, distribute, and install the renowned Ravelco Anti-Theft Devices. Our team seeks businesses with expertise in aftermarket product installation in your area to help us market, sell, and install the Ravelco device as an authorized Dealer/Installer.


Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device as well as visiting the manufacturer's website As an authorized Ravelco Dealer you will have the ability to market, sell, and install these auto theft deterrent systems to your Missouri and Kansas communities, with a virtually unlimited market potential.


Please contact me at (888) 353-5556 or email me at to confirm your interest and I will send you additional information on our various Dealer programs.

New/Used Vehicle Dealerships

Ravelco Midwest is seeking a select few new/used vehicle dealerships throughout Kansas and Missouri interested in marketing, selling, and installing the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.  Multiple layered Dealer Programs are designed to make you additional unrealized revenue and still maintain a high CSI (Customer Service Index) by giving the customer something they really need.​

​​Program highlights –

  • Enhance vehicle protection while on your lots by frontloading all high-risk vehicles and pass this protection to your customers

  • Aftermarket sales of the Ravelco device to customers purchasing vehicles as well as offering the device to customers’ existing vehicles

  • Offer the device during sale promotions and dealer events

aftermarket/upfitter dealers

Ravelco Midwest is seeking a select few Aftermarket/Upfitter Dealers through Kansas and Missouri an exclusive opportunity to market, sell, and install the renowned Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.  Multiple layered Dealer Programs are designed to make you additional unrealized revenue and still maintain a high CSI (Customer Service Index) by giving the customer something they really need.​


Program highlights –

  • Provide consumers seeking installation of aftermarket related products and automotive accessories by adding Ravelco to your Product Line Card

  • Make revenue on the sale of the product and the installation

  • Multiple Dealer Programs are available

The Best Anti-Theft Device For Your Car or Truck . . . Period!

In 46 Years - Not One Vehicle Ever Stolen!

The Ravelco (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti-Theft Device is installed with ease and in an accessible place underneath or level mounted in the dashboard of your vehicle. The Ravelco device (connects to your key chain when not in use) and creates all of the electronic connections. A hidden protected steel cable protects the wires from the back of the RAVELCO base mount on through to the engine compartment where all of the connections are made and masked with camouflage. When the plug is detached from the RAVELCO device, it is impossible to start the vehicle. There are more than 100,000 different combinations with NO MASTER PLUGS. Thus, it is an obstacle for even the most determined professional thief in Kansas city and abroad. Our auto theft protection devices stop auto-theft in its tracks!!!

Ready to protect your ride? Call us today!
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