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Protect your Big rig

Being in the Midwest, we are the hub for cross-country big rig travel. Why risk losing your biggest investment along with your cargo? Protecting these vehicles is becoming increasingly more difficult as thieves become more advanced. Satellite dispatch and tracking systems help locate and keep track of physical locations but do nothing to provide truck anti-theft prevention for your vehicle in the first place.


Installing a Ravelco Anti Theft device not only gives you peace of mind traveling around Kansas City and throughout the country, but our truck theft prevention device is also cost-effective too. A Ravelco costs less than the cost to fill up your fuel tank. Simply remove the device when you step away from your truck. When you return, place the plug back into the device base and you are ready to roll. 


Nothing is as affordable, trustworthy, or effective as the Ravelco Anti-Theft device. The Ravelco Midwest Team can install our Ravelco Big Rig anti-theft device for you or train your mechanics to install it on your fleet. Call us today! Discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more Ravelco units. 

Many Big Rig Companies believe that just because they have a GPS tracking systems in their trucks and in the event of a rig theft that it is as simple as activating the GPS tracking system and recovering the rig in a matter of minutes.   This is NOT true!   GPS can have a valuable role in asset tracking and operational efficiencies but should not be the standard to stopping theft as history has shown time and time again that recoveries of Big Rigs are few and far between. 


It is important to note that technologies are readily available to aid a Big Rig thief in stealing your Rig, simply by purchasing a GPS scrambler aka-Signal Destroyer (shown below) and plugging the device in the trucks power outlet (cigarette lighter).   This will kill your GPS signal with no tracking capabilities.  Certain Signal Destroyers can also jam cell phone signals within 30 feet of the scrambler.     These Signal Destroyers are sold on the internet for less than $39.00.


Ravelco first started in business in 1976, they thought consumer vehicles and light trucks were going to be the majority of their market and that Big Rig and trucking companies would be secondary. Today, protecting and securing Owner Operated and Trucking Companies are without a doubt their primary business. Ravelco sells to many national trucking companies large and small throughout the United States.

Ravelco’s partnership with the trucking industry really took off in 1999,  when an very large trucking company placed an initial order for 950 Ravelco devices for all their trucks. Having 950 trucks traveling the USA did not take very long for trucking company owners to talk and other trucking companies wanted to get on board and protect their trucks as well. day, that same company still purchases over 100 Ravelco units per month as they switch out their trucks.


Dealer Inquiries Welcome!!

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