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Protect your Heavy Equipment

Not one piece of Heavy Equipment has been stolen that was equipped with a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.  Protect your heavy equipment at your worksites and shop locations with our anti-theft immobilizers. Heavy equipment by far is the most lucrative opportunity for thieves and it's growing year over year. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB), nearly 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment were reported stolen each month to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  


A Ravelco is simple to use and unlike your Heavy Equipment ignition keys that are in most cases the same, Ravelco’s 16-PIN plug is unique therefore preventing the thief from starting and stealing your heavy equipment with a standard set of keys.   Your Ravelco Midwest Team can mount the 16-PIN female base unit flush mounted in the dash.  This device can truly provide a significant obstacle for most persistent of thieves.   It cannot be hot-wired, hacked or signal jammed! 

Many Companies who own or lease out heavy equipment believe that just because they have a GPS tracking systems in their equipment and in the event of a theft that it is as simple as activating the GPS tracking system and recovering the rig in a matter of minutes.   This is NOT true!    GPS can have a valuable role in asset tracking and operational efficiencies but should not be the standard to stopping theft as history has shown time and time again that recoveries of heavy equipment are few and far between. 

It is important to note that technologies are readily available to aid a heavy equipment thief in stealing your asset, simply by purchasing a GPS scrambler aka-Signal Destroyer (shown below) and plugging the device in the trucks power outlet (cigarette lighter).   This will kill your GPS signal with no tracking capabilities.  Certain Signal Destroyers can also jam cell phone signals within 30 feet of the scrambler.     These Signal Destroyers are sold on the internet for less than $39.00.


Ravelco first started in business in 1976, they thought consumer vehicles and light trucks were going to be the majority of their market and that heavy equipment sales would be secondary. Today, protecting and securing companies that own and lease heavy equipment are without a doubt their primary business. Ravelco sells to many national trucking companies large and small throughout the United States.  Ravelco also sales to many national big rig trucking companies throughout the United States. The Ravelco Heavy Equipment business has been growing since 1995.  Ravelco notably has been saving so many pieces of Heavy Equipment from skid steers to excavators, the word gets out quickly through insurance companies and Heavy Equipment owners and leasing companies and of course that makes all parties involved wanting to protect their Equipment with the Ravelco. 

​Our Ravelco Midwest Team can install anti-theft immobilizers to make sure your heavy equipment is protected quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to see how Ravelco Midwest can help with heavy equipment protection at your worksites and shop locations.    

Discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more Ravelco units.  

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!!

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