Protect your Big rig

Being in the midwest, we are the hub for cross-country big rig travel. Why risk losing your biggest investment along with your cargo? Protecting these vehicles is becoming increasingly more difficult as thieves become more advanced. Satellite dispatch and tracking systems help locate and keep track of physical locations but do nothing to prevent the actual theft of your truck in the first place.


Installing a Ravelco Anti Theft device not only gives you peace of mind, but it's also cost-effective too. A Ravelco costs less than the cost to fill up your fuel tank. Simply remove the device when you step away from your truck. When you return, place the plug back into the device base and you are ready to roll. 


Nothing is as affordable, trustworthy, or effective as the Ravelco Anti Theft device. We can install the Ravelco for you or train your mechanics to install it on your fleet. Call us today! Discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more Ravelco units. 


Dealer Inquiries Welcome!!

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