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The #1 Vehicle Immobilizer

No Monthly Fee

USA Made Device

Proven Track Record

Best Sellers

Over 6 million installs over the past 46 years, with 0 defeats.  Our simple, effective vehicle immobilizer stops auto-theft in its tracks.

There are few possessions more valuable than our vehicles. They take us to our workplaces, on our errands, and to spend time with friends and family. You count on your vehicle, so you want to take care of it and protect it from theft. Vehicle thefts are on the rise, so what can you do to deter car thieves? You can protect your vehicle from theft with a simple, yet effective vehicle immobilizer: Ravelco. 
Ravelco can be installed on almost any vehicle or anything with an engine, and will stop even the most skilled thief. Ravelco works simply; when its plug is removed from its base, your vehicle won’t start. No master plugs needed—just unplug it and go. Easy as that!
Ravelco is installed beneath the dashboard or flush mounted to your dash, making it readily accessible and simple to use.

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Why Ravelco?


It works against thieves

Learning to steal a vehicle is easier than ever in the internet age, and thieves know that all of the necessary wires to start a vehicle are under the dash. Ravelco protects these wires from any would-be thieves and uses the same color (black) for all of them, making them essentially undetectable. 


It's impossible to detect

One of the ways Ravelco stops thieves before they can begin is that it is virtually impossible to detect. Without exposed wires, not only is Ravelco essentially invisible, by using all black wires, it’s incredibly tedious to trace the wires in an effort to start the vehicle.


Each install is different

Ravelco stops the engine from starting by interrupting the circuits needed for ignition, but which circuits are interrupted varies. Not only that, but major components like an electric fuel pump or fuel injector, starter, ignition circuit, and the vehicle’s computer are typically included. So if a car thief begins cutting wires randomly in a desperate attempt to steal a vehicle equipped with Ravelco, they cut off vital functions and immobilize it. In other words, they aren’t going anywhere with your ride. 


All plugs are unique

Your Ravelco anti-theft device is like a fingerprint; no one else has one exactly like yours. You never have to worry about someone using another plug to start your vehicle. Every Ravelco anti-theft device is made by hand and tested in Richmond, Texas before it is sent out the factory door. There is no such thing as a master plug with Ravelco.  Additional plugs or replacement plugs must be ordered through the manufacture. 


It's USA made

Every single component that comes together to manufacture your Ravelco anti-theft device is and made in the USA. Each one is made to the highest standards of quality, performance tested, and proven to work, and has been since 1976. 


It's reliable

Reliability is the most important aspect of an anti-theft device. Ravelco is the #1 vehicle immobilizer with a proven track record, and over 6 million successful installations. Once Ravelco is installed, your vehicle is protected. Ravelco will not fail. 

Protect your ride today!

What is Ravelco?

Ravelco is a compact device that measures one and a quarter inches in diameter. It’s installed in or under the dash of a vehicle. All you have to do is remove the plug and the vehicle won’t start. Ravelco is a premier anti-theft device because it is simple and flawless. Ravelco Midwest Team has installers and shops throughout the State of Missouri and Kansas and once we install your anti-burglary device, your vehicle is protected. There are no monitoring fees and no GPS signals to scramble or RFID signals to hack. Just a virtually undetectable device.  


How Does it Work?


After it has been installed, the Ravelco base and plug need to be connected for the vehicle to crank and operate. The base is protected and supported by an armor-steel cable that’s hidden and that extends into the engine bay. The connections are obscured, rendering them invisible to thieves. When the plug is removed from its base, the vehicle simply won’t start.


What is the threat?


The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that vehicle thefts are on the rise across the United States. Whether a thief is looking to take your vehicle for a joyride, use it to commit other crimes, or send it to the chop shop to sell for parts, Ravelco does not discriminate—it stops them all


The four most popular types of car thieves include:


1) The ones who steal vehicles to take them for a joyride

2) The ones who take the vehicle to commit another crime

3) Chop shops who steal vehicles to sell the parts. Oftentimes, the contents of the vehicle are being targeted, especially in service, maintenance, municipal, or construction vehicles

4) Thieves who steal a list of vehicles to sell illegally or ship overseas    

It Works Against the Thieves.

The electrical components beneath the dash are the weakest part of the vehicle, which is why thieves target this area first. Simply put, every connection needed to start the vehicle is located in this area. Adding an alarm system to these same connections makes it easy for a thief to disable the alarm and quietly steal your vehicle. Ravelco’s electrical connections are in the engine compartment instead of under the dash. Without exposed wires, Ravelco is essentially undetectable. When your Ravelco anti-theft device is unplugged while you are out on the town, shopping, or on vacation, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

All Plugs are Unique.

Ravelco anti-theft devices are as unique as a fingerprint. Each one is manufactured in a pair of two with more than 100,000 combinations. This means no other Ravelco device can start your vehicle. No master plugs exist that can start your vehicle. Ravelco is made in the United States, of the highest quality, and performance tested to ensure quality. Ravelco has been stopping thieves since 1976 without fail.


Protect your vehicle from thieves by purchasing your Ravelco anti-theft device today. Contact our Ravelco Midwest Team if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Installation Photos

Installation Photos

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